Building Wealth

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If you’re reading this page I’d bet its safe to say that you are probably an entrepreneur at heart, always innovating, always looking for ways to increase your net worth, or how to make something more efficient. Whatever it may be, lets be honest…it all comes down to one thing. MONEY!

With money you can live a financially free life. You can provide opportunities for your family that they might not have otherwise had. You are more able to give of your time and your resources to help and give to others. Being financially free allows you to push aside all the stresses of finances, and allows you to enjoy life for what it is, and to contribute to society for the better.

Building Wealth

Wealth is probably more of a dream or an idea to most people. However, I’d like to paint a picture of what real wealth is. A well known & respected company I’m associated with who has a fantastic mentoring program that inspires and creates true wealth within people taught me what real true wealth really is.  Allow me to explain.

Take a doctor or a surgeon for example. Most likely they are very wealthy, or going to be very wealthy as their career grows. But, I’d also be willing to bet that they are married to their job for the most part of their career. Their clients need someone to see when they have health issues, and unless the doctor is available, that client may just as well go to someone else who has time for them. In other words, they are trading their precious time for money. To me, that’s a person with a lot of money who is poor.

On the flip side, take a waiter or waitress for example. Their schedule is probably not quite as demanding as the doctor mentioned in the previous example, but their income is drastically lower than that of a doctor. They may have a less demanding job, but also a much lower paycheck. They are trading money (or what could be more money in their pocket) for time.

One way or another, the majority of the population is either poor (literally), or someone with a lot of money, but no time to enjoy that money.

Here is what I’m ultimately getting at: WEALTHY IS THE PERSON WHO HAS BOTH TIME AND MONEY.

Rather than trading time for money, or money for time, true wealth is when you have both time and money. Comprende?

How Do You Build True Wealth?

So how is one to acquire both time AND money? I’m glad you asked! People today are so impatient that they get frustrated (me included) when the dang internet browser won’t load quicker than 3 seconds! We’d rather have $100 now than $1,000 later. Instant gratification robs you of your ability to create true wealth.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. True wealth takes time. Do you ever wonder how Bill Gates got to where he is? Do you think he has any stress about money? Or time? What about Steve Jobs? Or Mark Zuckerberg? Probably not! What do they all have in common? They have grasped the idea of how to build true wealth. When you are able to build an asset, or a system & process, then have that duplicated multiple times by others, you are truly creating a money building asset. Marketing agencies and big companies are begging Mark Zuckerberg to give them access to the billions of Facebook users, so they can promote their next product. He has created an asset out of both me and you, and every business around!

Moral of the story? True wealth is built when you are able to create a business with a process or system that you can literally plug anyone into, and duplicate yourself hundreds of times over. This obviously can’t be done overnight. Thus, instant gratification is not a part of the equation.

So, where do you start then? I’m glad you asked.  There are many ways to achieve true wealth, a few of which are listed below.  But let me show you what i’m personally doing HERE.

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