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How To Publish An Ebook To Make Passive Income

The great thing about eBooks is that its a one time work effort, and then you sit and watch the sales come in for lifetime.  Its a true “set it and forget it” passive income strategy.  The success is in the proper preparation and organization of your ebook.

Don’t have much experience writing?  That’s ok! Neither do I!  All it takes is your expert knowledge and opinions, then just begin writing.  As you do, you will make edits and it will improve each time.  Trust me, the majority of the eBooks you see out there were not written by people with a masters degree in writing.

How to write your first ebook

I’ve laid out a basic 10 step process that will help you organize your content into a well written and great selling ebook.  Follow these 10 steps listed below to get started:

  1. Choose your topic
  2. Brainstorm your content
  3. Create table of contents rough draft
  4. Research your content
  5. Just start writing
  6. Begin your marketing process
  7. Take small breaks
  8. Review & edit
  9. Brainstorm attractive titles
  10. Complete final draft & publish

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Publish your eBook with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Using Amazon’s ginormeous platform to sell your ebook is by far the fastest way to start your publishing business.  Why? Because you can start your publishing account for free, and simply start writing.

You then upload your ebook to Amazon, choose a cover page, and list it for sale.  You can even set it up to have the option to purchase a paperback version.  Any time someone purchases a paperback version of your book, Amazon simply prints it and ships it out for you on the spot.


Accelerate the process to writing your first eBook with a proven process

The most trusted source that will easily pay for itself very quickly, and will help you publish your first ebook is by following this internet millionaire’s ebook course K Money Mastery.

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