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Awesome choice!  Ecommerce is making more millionaires every day because of the vastly growing opportunity online.  Here’s how to get started making passive income with an ecommerce store…

Make Money Online With An Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce websites are websites that sell any type of product or service over the web.  There are multiple ways to get started depending on what you prefer to sell.

How to start an ecommerce business

There is a vast amount of information to be known when starting an ecommerce business.  You can sell physical products, digital products, your own products, other peoples products, etc.  You can even start without having to buy any inventory!

Determine your ecommerce business model

The first model you can use is simply purchasing your inventory in bulk with a wholesale company at wholesale price.  You then list this product on your ecommerce website and ship them as orders come in.

The second model is through what is called “Drop Shipping”.  This is simply listing a product on your website, and as orders come in, you simply pass on that order to your wholesale company, who then boxes up and ships the product for you for a small fee of the sale.  No inventory is needed with this method, you are just the middle man in the transaction.

Determine which platform to sell your product on

First you need to determine if you are going to sell a physical product or a digital product such as an ebook or a membership website.  Depending on whether you have any startup cash or not will also determine where to start.

There are essentially two ways to start an ecommerce store online.  The first is by creating your own ecommerce website with Shopify (preferred), and the second is by selling product directly on the worlds largest ecommerce platform, Amazon.

The reason Shopify is the preferred method is because you can actually list your product on your website with Shopify, and have shopify push all your product through to Amazon, giving you the best of both worlds.

Here’s a great starting point to build your ecommerce store:




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