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Awesome choice!  There is a lot of real passive income when it comes to finance and investing.  Whether it be through saving money, getting awesome cash back, or investing, you can essentially make your money work for you without having to change your career path.  Here’s some great starting points for passive income with finance & investing…

Passive Income With Proper Financial Strategies

There are basically 4 categories we talk about here on The Money Minutes when it comes to passive income.  While many may think of passive income differently, we consider being able to save money or pay off debt without doing much work to be an easy way to make passive income in the form of not paying that high interest rate you otherwise would have paid, or by saving on great deals you would have otherwise overpaid for.

Save more money

There is a lot of “free money” out there to be had.  The problem is people just aren’t sure where to find it.  We show you how to save more money through these methods of essentially getting “free money” back for nothing.  We also include in this category best practices for dealing with debt, and how to save a lot of money in the process of paying your debt off.

Great Starting Points To Begin Saving More Money

The two links below are great places to begin saving more money.  Save money through free cashback strategies, or consolidate your debt and save on those high interest payments.

Make more money

Whether this simply be helping you learn how to budget properly, or whether it be through showing you lots of different “side hustles” you can start in your spare time to make some extra cash, we’ve been through it all.  Here are some great starting points to make more money:

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