Infinite Prosperity Forex Trading Course – Scam or Not?

Trading on the FOREX can be complicated. Not only that, it can also be very risky as well, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Due to the complexity of trading currencies on the FOREX (foreign exchange market), most people seek out a good training course to learn the basics before getting their feet wet.

That’s exactly what Infinite Prosperity is (or so they claim that is..). But what is Infinite Prosperity? What do they offer for a new or even experienced FOREX trader? And most importantly, is Infinite Prosperity a scam? I’m here to tell you from personal experience.

What is Infinite Prosperity?

Infinite Prosperity is an online training and educational platform, focused on teaching you how to trade currencies on the foreign exchange market. They offer a wide variety of content all focused on achieving “Infinite Prosperity.”

They define Infinite Prosperity as achieving the status of having your passive income streams be equal or greater than your monthly living expenses. As soon as you have passive income enough to pay for all your bills and expenses, you have achieved the status of “Infinite Prosperity”, hence the name.

What do they teach you at Infinite Prosperity?

Their focus of content is learning to trade currencies on the foreign exchange as mentioned above. But to say that is all you will learn would be a lie. There are mainly two types of investing they focus on in their training courses. Namely:

Passive investing is referring to creating the habit of setting aside money every week or month, and investing it in the stock market. This is the first step in achieving Infinite Prosperity. Next, they teach you how to successfully trade on the FOREX market, and accelerate your progress towards achieving Infinite Prosperity.

Each of the lessons include great advice and insight on how to create a passive investing and saving strategy. They discuss the importance of consistency, and how to implement time tested strategies.

Some course topics taught in the Infinite Prosperity training’s are:

  • Intro to Trading & Investing
  • Trading Psychology
  • Risk Management
  • Technical Analysis
  • Financial Brokers
  • Trading an Edge
  • Mindset
  • Goal Setting
  • Journaling
  • Passive Investing
  • Forex Trends
  • Forex Reversals
  • And more..

Each course has detailed descriptions and some videos to explain important concepts of how to progress toward your goal to achieve Infinite Prosperity.

Is Infinite Prosperity a scam?

Absolutely not. Infinite Prosperity has been around for a long time, and their community strength is growing by the day. They are to FOREX trading, what Wealthy Affiliate is to online business.  They are experts in the FOREX industry, and sincerely teach you how to take daily profits trading in the FOREX market, and passively invest to grow your wealth exponentially.

To be honest, I heard about infinite prosperity from my hair stylist. I was getting a haircut and she was talking to me about how her husband is a part of an online community called Infinite Prosperity that teaches you how to grow your wealth, and trade on the FOREX.

With my entrepreneurial spirit I investigated and joined their free membership. Upon doing some research and testing out their training’s, I was very impressed and upgraded to their short courses membership for a reasonable price.

Before I knew it I had joined their full course as a lifetime member and I now find myself watching the FOREX market and deciding on trades on a daily basis from 8pm – 10pm each night.

I don’t blame anyone’s hesitation to joining a new program that they have heard very little about.  I was there at one point.  To help give some more clarity and credibility to Infinite Prosperity, take a look at their free 4 part video course here.

Who is Infinite Prosperity for?

Infinite Prosperity in a broad sense is for anyone wanting to achieve financial freedom. No one likes living paycheck to paycheck, and I’m sure none of us plan on living a destitute life. But if you are looking for some basic knowledge of how to achieve financial freedom, or Infinite Prosperity as they call it, you will benefit greatly from this course.

If you have traded FOREX before and have fallen in that rut of emotional trading, you will learn how to cut the emotion out of your trading, and build a bulletproof strategy where probability is in your favor when placing a new currency trade.

Lastly, for those entrepreneurs who are active learners and want to learn how the FOREX market works while making some extra money with only 30-60 minutes of work per day, I think you’ll like what you find here.

Take a look at some of their student success stories.

The road less traveled…

I will say you won’t expect to make money quick on this. There will be times when you make a trade mistake, but by implementing the strategies taught in these lessons, you will develop a routine and strategy that mathematically falls in your favor. The secret is sticking to it to reap the rewards.

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  1. I have been selling stock options for over a decade, and the closest thing I’ve ever come to forex trading is selling options on ETF that are priced on foreign (non US) currencies. It always seemed to complicated. Recently I bought a few cryptos, not to trade, just to buy and hold. After reading this, I decided to sign up. Funny how you said your hair stylist was the one who turned you on to Infinite Prosperity, you just have to be open to opportunity, and it will come.
    I can’t wait to get started with the classes, I wish it wasn’t so late, or I would just get moving.

    • I always try to keep an open mind and sometimes it seems to pay off!  This time it paid off big time.  Thanks, James! Hope the trainings are helpful as they have been for me.

  2. Does infinite prosperity have a trading platform to trade in the forex markets, or do I have to open up separate brokerage accounts outside of infinite prosperity course in order to to start trading?

    Also, are there any outside materials that I need to buy (i.e. trading computers and monitors or charting software) or can I do this on my laptop? I know you said the course was free to start so I am clear on all that.

    • Hi Jessie, 

      Great question.  Infinite prosperity will give you recommendations on where to open an account to trade on the Forex, but is not an exchange itself.  It more teaches you how to trade Forex and lays out the step by step strategies to set up the trades for success.  Trading computers are not needed, I personally do it on my laptop.  However the faster connection the better as time can be of the essence in some cases on the Forex.  

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