Money In Your Pocket In As Little As 1-3 Months! Ideas For Creating Passive Income Online

If you think this is a get rich quick process, your wrong.  And I suggest you stop reading right here.  However, I CAN tell you that if quick means getting residual passive income within 1-3 months time, then keep reading.  And if you can get residual passive income in as little as 1-3 months time, think of how much that will build up to in 6-12 months, or 12-24 months, it just keeps growing! AND ANYONE CAN DO IT! Here’s how…

Through online affiliate marketing, you can create ongoing and residual passive income.  Someone once asked “When is the best time to plant a tree? 30 years ago! When’s the next best time? Today!”

Begin this process outlined below TODAY and you WILL create online passive income in due time.  Be patient and persistent.  This process below follows what I have learned from an industry leader, namely,  Visit them for more in depth info! Lets get started…

Step 1 – Determine A Topic/Industry of Interest

The first step in your process of building a passive stream of income is determining what your topic of interest is.  This could be anything from health and fitness, to arts and entertainment, to making money online! What you will be doing with this topic, is sharing what you know about your particular interest.  Now remember, this process takes 1-3 months to start seeing some money coming in, but stay with me here.

Once you have determined a generic topic of interest, you will want to dive 2-3 levels even deeper in that topic.  For example, if your topic is Health and Fitness, determine what part of health and fitness you want to write about.  For this example we will say “dieting.”  But even then, if you google “dieting”, you will get a very competitive list of programs and ideas on how to diet.  But lets say you want to narrow it even deeper. We want to write about dieting for women after pregnancy.  Now we have a specific target audience, and a specific topic to discuss.

Ultimatley what you will be doing with this topic is writing what you know about your niche topic, to generate an audience.  This audience will in essence be the customers that will begin generating income passively for you.  How? Keep reading…

Step 2 – You Need A Website

Your website will be the foundation of your passive income online business.  The sole purpose of your website is to have a location where you can share your knowledge and expertise about the niche you have chosen.  There are many different platforms you can choose from to build your website.  Some of them cost money, others are free. But hey, a few bucks up front is well worth the investment in the long run, as you will have much more access to tools and resources while building your website.  Might I recomend a few options for choosing your website platform:

Wix is probably one of the most user friendly website building platforms out there. Its among one of the top rated website building platforms and is growing in its popularity quickly.  My favorite part of is their “Wix API” integrated website builder.  What this does is asks you a few questions about the type of website you are looking to build, asks what colors and styles you like, then creates a well designed and professional website for you. You can then go in and change things as you please.  This is VERY helpful for those wanting something that does the majority of the work for you.


WordPress has the majority of the marketshare of blogging. It has been around for ages and can integrate with almost anything out there.  Wordpress is used mostly amongst bloggers, but you can add plugins that allow you to do ecommerce, and many other functions for other types of websites out there.


Now I haven’t personally used SiteBuilder but I have heard great things about it. It’s ratings show that it is very user friendly, customizeable, and has plugin’s and integrations with many apps out there.  To see more about SiteBuilder, I suggest visiting them here to get a better idea.  However, I wanted to list them because I have many friends who swear by them.

SiteRubix is one of the worlds top website builder platforms, and arguably the most user friendly platform out there.  Their platform easily integrates with everything anyone would need to create the website of your dreams!  If you do use SiteRubix, might I suggest reading the next option, as it is integrated with SiteRubix and gives you a much wider range of help and access.

I save the best for last.  WealthyAffiliate is built solely around educating and teaching people how to build a basic website, create good content, and attract traffic to the website.  BY FAR the most helpful, supportive, and user friendly of the websites out there.  They integrate a website builder through SiteRubix, and use wordpress’s platform for building and organizing your content.  There are 2 options with WealthyAffiliate for users. You can choose the free version, or a premium version which starts at $19/month if you sign up within the first 7 days.  Mind you I think you will be anxious to do so within a day or two of testing them out. I suggest using WealthyAffiliate, beacuse you have access to world class education and a step by step process to building out your first website.

==>For More Info On WealthyAffiliate, The Worlds Industry Leader In Affiliate Marketing Education & Website Building, Click HERE

Step 3 – Create Your Content

Once you have built your website, you will want to do some research on keywords.  Keywords are one way that google lists content from a given search.  Based on the popularity of a particular topic, some keywords will generate more searches then others. Use to help out with this.  They give you 30 free searches, and after you have the option for a premium account. You can choose different keyword phrases to see the popularity of that search on google and major search engines.

You will want to create content based on your keyword research. After that, just begin typing! This is oftentimes a hard part for many people, but honestly, just start typing about your subject.  You can read and edit it later, but the most important thing is getting your ideas out in front of you.  Trust me, with time you will be amazed at how much talent you really have. JUST START TYPING! Tell the world what you know about your niche!

Within your post, you can create affiliate links that support your topic. When people click on those links and buy a product from that link, you will get paid a small commission. Be patient though, this process can take time and you may not see income for the first 30-90 days. Consistency is key!

Step 4 – Repeat!

Quite frankly, its as easy as that!  Trust the process, stick to it and I PROMISE you will see results.  For more educational information on this process, visit Try the free account out and get out of it what you can! I promise you, they are much more knowledgeable than I am and will take you in depth on this process. Their videos, content and support will make you an expert in this area.

When all is said and done, digital marketing is growing FAST! There are millionaires being made daily out there through following this simple process, why not you? Leave your questions, and comments below.  I’d be happy to help in anyway I can, and am very open to feedback! Let me know your thoughts! Happy marketing!

See how else i’m building passive income & wealth…part time!

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    After reading your post I was curious to read your profile. I must say that your account of how you bought a house and rented it to your buddies speaks to your real world experience about creating passive income.

    Thus, I think you have more than the normal authority when speaking about what is the best way to build a website.

    I think just like you learned through trail and error and finally found what works best for you in using real estate to provide some passive earnings, I think you effectively point out the steps that one needs to take to build an online business.

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